There was a nature show on television about a black bear that gave birth to two cubs. One cub died right away. Three weeks later the mother died and the remaining cub was left to fend for itself. An orphaned cub in that condition is like a walking buffet for predators. And of course the camera immediately showed a hungry-looking mountain lion. One day the orphan cub encountered a giant male black bear. The little cub cowered at the bear's sheer mass. The larger bear peered around and seemed to realize that the mother bear wasn't anywhere to be found. He gave the little cub a friendly nudge. The camera then showed the little bear happily trailing along after the larger one. The adoption papers were signed, sealed and registered at the county seat in that nudge. Papa bear proceeded to show the cub how to grub for insects and how to catch fish and how to scratch his back against a tree. One day the two bears became separated. The cub began to cry and looked frantically for his new father, but couldn't find him anywhere. The cub approached a stream where he'd learned to fish and something caught his attention. He looked up to see a mountain lion ready to pounce. That same mountain lion had stalked the cub for the entire show. There was no way that mountain lion would've gone for that cub with Papa bear around, but now....
The camera zoomed in on the cub. He automatically mimicked the posture of his adopted father when threatened. He stood on his hind legs and bared his teeth. Then, in the exactly the same way his new father would have done, this cub let loose a mighty growl that should have reverberated throughout the forest. But, only a tiny bear cub squeak came out. Well, you know what was coming. But, to everybody's astonishment the mountain lion lowered his head and ran off in the opposite direction. The camera panned back to the proud little cub still standing tall on his hind legs. And then all the viewers saw what that little cub Could Not: a few yards behind him, at full, ferocious height, his sharp, white teeth bared in a snarl, stood Daddy bear. He may not have made a sound, but he was there. And even though the cub couldn't see his father, his father stood guard, protecting his young. The little cub had power available greater than anything he could produce on his own. There was a greater power watching over him.
Jesus said: "They who have my commandments and keep them are those who love me; and those who love me will be loved by my Father, and I will love them and reveal myself to them."

All membership to be paid by August 27 to entitle you to be entered in the All-Ireland ticket draw on Monday, August 30 in the Sports Complex. Current membership list is available for viewing in the complex and on
Mooncoin GAA are holding a Family Fun Day in the sports complex on Sunday, August 29.
Underage Hurling / Camogie Games, Novelty Events for Adults and Children, Barbeque/Tea/Coffee/Cakes/Music.
Games Start at 1pm.
Townsland League
Come and enjoy the under 10’s townsland league.
Follow the kids of your area and shout them on to glory as they battle it out for the best of the parish.
Dournane, Corluddy, Portnascully, Clogga, The Village, Grange.
All are welcome. Admission Free.

In The Rose of Mooncoin On Friday, August 27
Elvis Tribute by Greg Traynor
2009 Entertainer of the Year.

The Barrow, Nore & Suir Cots – Fishing, Racing & Design
Lecture by Shay Hurley of the Workmen’s Boat Club, Clonmel
Tuesday, August 24 at 8pm in Grennan’s Mill, Thomastown

We welcome into our Faith Community, the following who were baptised recently.
Áine Mary Molloy.
Rian Christopher Doheny.
Patrick Thomas Falconer.
James Michael Hayes.
Aiobhe Cronin.

A meeting will be held in the Hall on Thursday, August 26 at 7.30pm. for all committee members to discuss plans for Christmas and the upgrading of some aspects of the building.

Community Mental Health Movement
GROW held their Annual Church Gate collection on Jul 31 /Aug 1 in Mooncoin. The amount collected was €644.90, for which we are truly grateful.

READERS: Aug 28/Sept 4 (6.30pm) Brandon Power, Josie Dolan. Aug 29/Sept 5 (11am) Ann Lee, Maureen Kearns.
CLEANERS: Aug 28/Sept 4 Noreen Holden, Rene Comerford, Elizabeth Lennon, Alice Conway.

MINISTERS: Aug 28 (8pm) Declan Walsh, Teresa O’Neill. Aug 29 (10am) Catriona O’Reilly, Yvonne Pheasey.
READERS: Aug 28 (8pm) Teresa O’Neill, Michael Connolly. Aug 29 (10am) Ellie Hogan, Josephine Jones. Sept 4 (8pm) Pat O’Neill, Louise Walsh. Sept 5 (10am) John Fitzgerald, David Pheasey.
ALTAR SOCIETY: Aug 28 Teresa Comerford, Joan Dunphy.

Aug 29 - Bridget Rochford.
Sept. 5 - Helen Brennan.
Aug 29 - Mary Frisby.
Sept 5 - Aoife Kearns.
Aug 28/Sept 4 - A. Hearne, D. Aylward.
Aug 29 - Ian, Fiona & Andrew Long.
Sept 5 - Kate & Laura Dillon Dunphy.

Joe Holloway, Carrick-on-Suir & London. Jack Foskin, Rathcurby. Martin & Bridie Diggins, Grange Station. William & Margaret Diggins, Carrick Rd. Mary Quigley, Ballincur. Joe & Sean Foran Ardera. David Coleman, Dournane Rd. Jason Cashin, Waterford & Suir Crescent. Phil Doran, New Rd. Josephine O’Keeffe, Philbuckstown. Kathleen Comerford, The Cross, Mooncoin. Beatrice Morris, Clonmore. Breda O’Sullivan, Polerone. Tom Murphy, Skelpstown. Danny Purcell, Grange. Mary Kate & Joseph Tobin & Daughter Margaret died in infancy, Maureen & Cedric Burling, & Paddy Tobin, Wales. Mary Walsh, Ballygorey. Denis McCarthy, Ballinlough. Eleanor & James Brennan, Ashgrove. Mary Walsh, Portnahully. Thomas & Margaret Power, Luffany. Kathleen Bowden (nee Power) Luffany & London. Edward & Margaret Delahunty, Luffany.