28TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, October 09, 2011

The psalm to be read at this weekend’s masses is perhaps the best known and best loved psalm of all; psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd. I recently came across the following story which might give us pause for reflection this week.
Some time ago a great actor in the city of New York gave a wonderful performance in a large theatre, at the close of which there were rounds of applause. He was called back again and again. Finally someone called to him, “Would you do for us the Twenty-third Psalm?” “Why yes, I know the Twenty-third Psalm.” He recited it as an actor would, perfectly, with nothing left to be desired as far as a performance was concerned. When he was finished, again there was thunderous applause. Then the actor came to the front of the stage and said; “Ladies and gentlemen, there is an old man sitting here on the front row whom I happen to know. I am going to ask him without any notice if he will come and repeat the Twenty-third Psalm.”
The elderly gentleman, of course, was frightened. Trembling, he came to the stage. Fearfully he looked out over the vast audience. Then, as though he were at home only with one, he closed his eyes against the audience, bowed his head, and talked to God, and said:
“The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want…” When the old man finished, there was no applause, but there was not a dry eye in that house. The actor came to the front of the stage and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I know the words of the Twenty-third Psalm, but this man knows the Shepherd”

If a priest preaches for ten minutes, he’s longwinded.
If his sermon is short, he didn’t prepare it.
If the parish funds are high, he’s a businessman.
If he mentions money, he’s money mad.
If he visits his parishioners, he’s nosy.
If he doesn’t, he’s snobbish.
If he has fairs and bazaars, he’s bleeding the people.
If he doesn’t, there’s no life in the parish.
If he takes time in confession to help and advise sinners, he takes too long.
If he doesn’t, he doesn’t care.
If he celebrates the liturgy in a quiet voice, he’s a bore.
If he puts feeling in to it, he’s an actor.
If he starts Mass on time, his watch is fast.
If he starts late, he’s holding up the people.
If he tries to lead the people in music, he’s showing off.
If he doesn’t, he doesn’t care what Mass is like.
If he decorates the church, he’s wasting money.
If he doesn’t, he’s letting it run down.
If he’s young, he’s not experienced.
If he’s old, he ought to retire.
If he dies, there was nobody like him and there will never be his equal again!

Are looking for past 4-2-1 M.D.A.P.P students to take part in a new project which they hope to start next Wednesday, October 12 at 7.30pm in the Boys’ School. All former M.D.A.P.P students are invited to take part as a large number of events are planned over the coming months.

A night for new 4-2-1 M.D.A.P.P Peer Educators will take place next Monday, October 10 at the Boys’ School Mooncoin at 8pm. For anyone who has not handed in their application form, please bring it Monday night as places are limited to 15 students.

Tuesday – Friday: 9.30am.
The Rosary will be recited each morning before Mass at 9.15am for the month of October.

We welcome into our Faith Community, the following who were baptised recently:
Ellen Quinn,
Callum John Moore.

Monthly Collection next weekend October 15/16. Thank you for your continued support.
Conference Meeting on Tuesday, October 18 at 8.00pm

Templeorum Parish Mission
Templeorum Parish is having a Mission in the parish commencing on Sunday, Nov 13 until Friday, Nov 18. There will be a theme for each evening commencing with an evening for "Youth". First Mass will be at 7am. Further details later.

READERS: Oct 15/ 22 (6.30pm) Brandon Power, Margaret Grace. Oct 16/23(11.15am) Ann Purcell, Joe Cashin.
CLEANERS: Oct 15/22 - Ann Purcell (Polerone), Mary Power, Valerie Barlow.

MINISTERS: Oct 16 (10am) Anne Walsh, Yvonne Pheasey.
ALTAR SOCIETY: Oct 15 - Kitty Doyle, Julianne Walsh.

MINISTER: Oct 15 - Mary Frisby.
READER: Oct 15 - Mary Gilmartin.
ALTAR SERVERS: Oct 15 - Kate Kearns, Tara Ramaswamy.
CLEANERS: Oct 15/22 - J Corcoran, J Barden.

Michael Deady.

We commend to your generous prayers,
Statia Maher, Mullinahone, who died recently.

Michael Reid, Comeragh View.
Jack & Catherine Purcell, Old Luffany.
James Holden, Main Street.
Edward Byrne, Chapel Street.
Eamonn Kelly, The Cross.
Tom Dunphy, Ballygorey.
Edward O’Keeffe, Chapel View.
Hanna Murphy, Ballincur.
Tommy Murphy, Ballincur & Waterford.
May they Rest in Peace.

27th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, October 02, 2011

I have come among you in less than ideal circumstances, but I am very happy to be here. This has been a difficult week for the parish of Mooncoin. I am conscious that there is an entire spectrum of feelings and emotions across the community: shock, sadness, sympathy, hurt, anger and confusion. I promise you that I will do my utmost to walk with you at this time and to serve the needs of this Christian community to the best of my ability. I have long been aware of the rich tradition and strength of identity that exists in Mooncoin, Carrigeen and Kilnaspic and I am confident that, in working together in the spirit of the gospel, we will move beyond the darkness of these days.
I am deeply grateful to the Pastoral council, the Parish staff, the Presentation sisters and the many other parishioners who have extended a warm and generous welcome to me this week. I know that I have your prayerful support as I begin my ministry here, but I also commend to your prayers Fr. Peter and all those who are affected by this sad situation.
I am conscious that many of you did not get an opportunity to hear Bishop Freeman’s statement last weekend and so on the suggestion of the Pastoral Council it is included here in its entirety.
Fr. Martin Delaney

A safeguarding matter has arisen and Fr Peter Muldowney, a priest of the Diocese of Ossory, has asked me to allow him a period of leave from ministry with immediate effect so that this matter can be addressed. I have adhered to this request. In compliance with our Diocesan Policy on Safeguarding, this matter has been referred to An Garda Siochana, the HSE and to the National Board for Safeguarding Children. The presumption of innocence must prevail. There can be no further comment until this matter has been clarified by the Civil Authorities. I ask you for your prayers for all concerned. I have appointed Father Martin Delaney Administrator of the parish of Mooncoin and he will take up duties with immediate effect.

Marian Holden would like to thank everyone for their generous flowers, Mass bouquets and good wishes during her time of illness. They are all very much appreciated and a Mass will be offered up for all your intentions.

First Penance and First Eucharist Meeting
There will be a meeting for all Parents/Guardians of children preparing for First Penance and First Eucharist this year on Thursday, October 6 in the Upstairs Room of the G.A.A. Complex, Mooncoin at 8.00p.m.

St. Joseph’s Home Luncheon Club for the Elderly
Lunch served at 12 noon every day. You can choose the day/days that you wish to come. €5 for the meal. You will also be welcome to come to 11.00am Mass and then have Lunch. After that you can join in an activity, or you can just come for your lunch. You need to enrol with Joan Forrest at Reception and we need to know the day before so that your meal will be ready. Tel: 051 833006 Abbey Road, Ferrybank, Waterford.

Mooncoin Vintage Club
Many thanks to everyone who supported our TV020 Tractor Draw in aid of the South Eastern Cancer Foundation. The Solas Centre will receive a cheque for €11,500 as a result of the dedicated work of our ticket sellers.
Prize Winners: 1st Tractor - Eddie Barry, Fermoy.
2nd 500 litres oil - Robert Walsh, Mooncoin.
3rd Weekend away - Ned Maher, Mooncoin.
4th 32” TV - Noel Murphy, Dunmore.
5th Builders Voucher - Marlene Stoeker, Kilnaspic.

Mooncoin G.A.A.
Silver Circle Draw will be starting again on Oct 11. Your promoter will be calling. Looking forward to your continued support.

Silver Circle
All promoters are asked to bring the names of all Silver Circle participants to the G.A.A. complex at 9.00pm on Monday, October 10 or Tuesday, October 11. For queries contact 087 6756862.

Masses - Parish Church
Tuesday – Friday: 9.30am.
Friday, Oct 7 - First Friday
Sick and housebound will be visited.
Mass in Kilnaspic on Thursday at 7.30pm.
Mass in Carrigeen on Friday at 8pm. (Month’s Mind - Michael Deady).
Mass in Mooncoin on Friday at 9.30am.

Hall Committee Meeting
Tuesday, October 4, at 8pm in G.A.A. Complex.

Fr. Patsy Kelly will conduct a weekend on Scripture and Prayer in the Nagle Chapel, Convent on Friday, October 7, from 8pm to Sunday afternoon. All welcome. Contact 051 - 895114

St. Joseph’s Young Priest’s Society
The monthly mass of St. Joseph’s Young Priest’s Society will take place on Thursday, October 6 at 9.30am in Mooncoin Church. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for the intercession for vocations will follow immediately afterwards in the Nagle Chapel and will conclude at 11.00am. All are welcome.

MINISTERS: Oct 9 (10am) Eileen Dowling, Margaret Brennan.
READERS: (10am)
ALTAR SOCIETY: Oct 8 - Margaret Kenny, Margaret Phelan (B).

MINISTER: Oct 8 - May Coady.
READER: Oct 8 - Aoife Kearns.
SERVERS: Oct 8 - Andrew Long.
If for any reason you are unable to fulfil your allocated dates, it would be very much appreciated if you could make alternative arrangements with another server to ensure that Fr. Delaney has a full complement of servers. Please note that those serving on the last Sunday of the month are also required to cover the following Thursday night vigil mass at 7pm. Many Thanks.

Eileen Holden, Carrigeen.

We commend to your generous prayers,
Josie Brynt nee Murphy, Ardera & Eastbourne
who died recently. May she Rest in Peace.

Eily Crowley, Riverquarter. Richard Croke, Chapel Street.
Frank Bradshaw, Main Street. Kitty Kiely, Knockhouse, Gracedieu.
Jim Cashin, Polerone. Anastasia Malone (nee Walsh), Carrigeen.
Thomas & Margaret Power, Old Luffany.
Kathleen Bowden nee Power, Old Luffany & London.
John & Joe Kinsella, Barrabehy.
May they Rest in Peace.

26th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, September 25, 2011

Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root word as awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation – Alan Cohen
A friend of mine had an interview recently where one of the interviewers stated that it was amazing how she was able to turn every negative event in her life into a positive experience. For myself I have found that my most precious learning has been from those times when I thought that my world was crashing down around my eyes.
One of my most helpful poems at such times is “Footprints” which is a poem about Jesus walking with someone across a beach, thus there are two sets of footprints in the sand. During an especially trying period the person looks back and complains that Jesus left them just when they needed him the most only to be told that that was the time that Jesus had carried them.
Belief in God and self helps me to change my scared times in sacred times. The awful times in awesome times and the terrifying times into terrific times. None of it comes easy, or instant, but takes time of reflections, learning and the willingness to look at things in a different way.
My prayer for you this day
is that you are willing to look at your life’s journey that changes negative experiences to periods of positive transformation.

The Kilkenny Fire Officer on his own behalf and on behalf of all the fire crew who fought the fire in the furniture shop in Mooncoin would like to give a sincere word of thanks to all who helped in any way. A special word of thanks to Ann Dobbyn, Kathleen O’Driscoll & Rose Mahon who provided tea and refreshments. Our thoughts and prayers are with the owner and his family.

What is Positive Ageing Week?
Positive Ageing is the term that we have chosen to encapsulate all we are trying to do to make Ireland the best place in which to grow old. It means a society in which people of all ages enjoy the same status and rights. Positive Ageing Week is a festival which highlights the positive aspects of ageing and celebrates the contribution older people have made and continue to make to their communities. The central aim of Positive Ageing Week is to dispel the many negative perceptions that surround ageing and to transform attitudes towards ageing and older people. We need to celebrate the fact that we are living longer, that ageing is not a burden, but an opportunity. We wish to thank all the ageing people of our community and wish them long life, health & happiness.
As part of Positive Ageing Week, Mooncoin Residential Care Centre is inviting you to join with us celebrating Mass on Thursday, September 29 at 2.30pm, followed by Tea and Cakes. All proceeds to Age Action Ireland.

Is chronic illness part of your life?
Are you a carer or do you have a health condition?
Have you, or a family member, experienced, pain, tiredness, stress, loss of mobility, fear for the future, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, isolation or any of the many other consequences of long-term and enduring ill-health or disability? Would a Self-Management Programme help? Self-management is about using simple skills to take control of the way you think and feel about your health condition/your caring situation and how you cope in everyday life.
Courses October 2011:
Venue: IWA Carlow - 10am - 12.30pm
Dates: Beginning Monday, October 10 and every Monday for six weeks. There will be a break for the Bank Holiday on Monday, October 31.
Venue: Pembroke Hotel, Patrick St. Kilkenny - 7pm - 9.30pm
Dates: Beginning Monday, October 10 and every Monday for six weeks. There will be a break for the Bank Holiday on Monday, October 31.
Venue: Ayrfield Medical Centre, Granges Rd. Kilkenny - 10am -12.30pm. Dates: Beginning Friday, October 14 and every Friday for 6 weeks
Venue: Brookhaven Nursing Home, Ballyragget - 10am - 12.30pm.
Dates: Beginning Friday, October 14 and every Friday for 6 weeks
For further details, or to book a place on one of these courses check out www.ceartpatientwise.ie. Email: annecody@ceart.ie. Phone: Anne Cody 087-9028534.

Tuesday – Friday: 9.30am.
Thursday: 2.30pm in Mooncoin Residential Care Centre.

Conference meeting on Tuesday, Sept 27 at 8pm.

New Office for CURA
If you are pregnant and distressed and would like to talk to someone in confidence, phone CURA at 1850 62 26 26, or locall number 056 7722739. CURA office is now located at the following address: No. 7 Priory Square, Dean Street, Kilkenny. Opening Hours: Mon Wed and Fri 2pm - 4pm. Thurs 7pm - 9pm.

Mooncoin G.A.A. Gym
Induction for anybody wishing to join the gym will take place at 7.00pm on Wednesday, Sept 28. If interested please contact 895435 or 087 1212408 beforehand.

Art Classes
For beginners and more advanced starting in September at Bishop Birch Institute, Waterford Road, Kilkenny. Classes are very enjoyable and sociable. For further information please contact Sonja on 083 3941220, 056 7708155, email, sonjavrsajkov@gmail.com

St. Joseph’s Home Luncheon Club for the Elderly
Lunch served at 12 noon every day. You can choose the day/days that you wish to come. €5 for the meal. You will also be welcome to come to 11am Mass and then have Lunch. After that you can join in an activity, or you can just come for your lunch. You need to enrol with Joan Forrest at Reception and we need to know the day before so that your meal will be ready. Tel: 051 833006 Abbey Road, Ferrybank

READERS: Oct 1/8 (6.30pm) Josie Dolan, Jonathan Crowley. Oct 2/9 (11.15am) Margaret Keane, Liz Knox.
CLEANERS: Oct 1/8 - Brenda Holden, Ann O’Neill, Noreen Quilty, Mickey Lannon.

MINISTERS: Oct 2 (10am) Catriona O’Reilly, Declan Walsh.
ALTAR SOCIETY: Oct 1 - Ann Grant, Mary Fewer.

MINISTER: Oct 1 - Richard Hogan.
READER: Oct 1 - Mary Frisby.
CLEANERS: Oct 1/8 - T. Henebery, K. Scully.

We commend to your generous prayers,
John Purcell, formerly of Rathkieran & Blackpool.
who died recently. May he Rest in Peace.

John Lennon, Waterford & Carrigeen.

William Fewer, Ballygriffin; Jimmy Vereker, Mooncoin;
Fr. Toby & Joe Vereker, Mooncoin & Sacramento;
Nellie Doyle, Ballygorey & Portlaw; Mary O’Brien, Ballincur;
Patrick O’Brien, Ballincur; Ann Dobbyn, Comeragh View.
May they Rest in Peace.