28TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME, October 09, 2011

The psalm to be read at this weekend’s masses is perhaps the best known and best loved psalm of all; psalm 23, The Lord is my shepherd. I recently came across the following story which might give us pause for reflection this week.
Some time ago a great actor in the city of New York gave a wonderful performance in a large theatre, at the close of which there were rounds of applause. He was called back again and again. Finally someone called to him, “Would you do for us the Twenty-third Psalm?” “Why yes, I know the Twenty-third Psalm.” He recited it as an actor would, perfectly, with nothing left to be desired as far as a performance was concerned. When he was finished, again there was thunderous applause. Then the actor came to the front of the stage and said; “Ladies and gentlemen, there is an old man sitting here on the front row whom I happen to know. I am going to ask him without any notice if he will come and repeat the Twenty-third Psalm.”
The elderly gentleman, of course, was frightened. Trembling, he came to the stage. Fearfully he looked out over the vast audience. Then, as though he were at home only with one, he closed his eyes against the audience, bowed his head, and talked to God, and said:
“The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want…” When the old man finished, there was no applause, but there was not a dry eye in that house. The actor came to the front of the stage and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I know the words of the Twenty-third Psalm, but this man knows the Shepherd”

If a priest preaches for ten minutes, he’s longwinded.
If his sermon is short, he didn’t prepare it.
If the parish funds are high, he’s a businessman.
If he mentions money, he’s money mad.
If he visits his parishioners, he’s nosy.
If he doesn’t, he’s snobbish.
If he has fairs and bazaars, he’s bleeding the people.
If he doesn’t, there’s no life in the parish.
If he takes time in confession to help and advise sinners, he takes too long.
If he doesn’t, he doesn’t care.
If he celebrates the liturgy in a quiet voice, he’s a bore.
If he puts feeling in to it, he’s an actor.
If he starts Mass on time, his watch is fast.
If he starts late, he’s holding up the people.
If he tries to lead the people in music, he’s showing off.
If he doesn’t, he doesn’t care what Mass is like.
If he decorates the church, he’s wasting money.
If he doesn’t, he’s letting it run down.
If he’s young, he’s not experienced.
If he’s old, he ought to retire.
If he dies, there was nobody like him and there will never be his equal again!

Are looking for past 4-2-1 M.D.A.P.P students to take part in a new project which they hope to start next Wednesday, October 12 at 7.30pm in the Boys’ School. All former M.D.A.P.P students are invited to take part as a large number of events are planned over the coming months.

A night for new 4-2-1 M.D.A.P.P Peer Educators will take place next Monday, October 10 at the Boys’ School Mooncoin at 8pm. For anyone who has not handed in their application form, please bring it Monday night as places are limited to 15 students.

Tuesday – Friday: 9.30am.
The Rosary will be recited each morning before Mass at 9.15am for the month of October.

We welcome into our Faith Community, the following who were baptised recently:
Ellen Quinn,
Callum John Moore.

Monthly Collection next weekend October 15/16. Thank you for your continued support.
Conference Meeting on Tuesday, October 18 at 8.00pm

Templeorum Parish Mission
Templeorum Parish is having a Mission in the parish commencing on Sunday, Nov 13 until Friday, Nov 18. There will be a theme for each evening commencing with an evening for "Youth". First Mass will be at 7am. Further details later.

READERS: Oct 15/ 22 (6.30pm) Brandon Power, Margaret Grace. Oct 16/23(11.15am) Ann Purcell, Joe Cashin.
CLEANERS: Oct 15/22 - Ann Purcell (Polerone), Mary Power, Valerie Barlow.

MINISTERS: Oct 16 (10am) Anne Walsh, Yvonne Pheasey.
ALTAR SOCIETY: Oct 15 - Kitty Doyle, Julianne Walsh.

MINISTER: Oct 15 - Mary Frisby.
READER: Oct 15 - Mary Gilmartin.
ALTAR SERVERS: Oct 15 - Kate Kearns, Tara Ramaswamy.
CLEANERS: Oct 15/22 - J Corcoran, J Barden.

Michael Deady.

We commend to your generous prayers,
Statia Maher, Mullinahone, who died recently.

Michael Reid, Comeragh View.
Jack & Catherine Purcell, Old Luffany.
James Holden, Main Street.
Edward Byrne, Chapel Street.
Eamonn Kelly, The Cross.
Tom Dunphy, Ballygorey.
Edward O’Keeffe, Chapel View.
Hanna Murphy, Ballincur.
Tommy Murphy, Ballincur & Waterford.
May they Rest in Peace.