Third Sunday of Lent, March 15, 2009


Yesterday I met a stranger... Today this stranger is my friend.
Had I not taken the time to say hello, or return a smile, or shake a hand, or listen, I would not have known this person.
Yesterday would have turned into today and our chance meeting would be gone.
Yesterday I hugged someone very dear to me.
Today they are gone... and tomorrow will not bring them back.
Wouldn't it be nice if we all knew tomorrow would be here?
But this is not to be, so take the time TODAY to give a hug, a smile, an "I love you."
JUST FOR TODAY... smile at a stranger, listen to someone's heart, drop a coin where a child can find it ...learn something new, then teach it to someone ...tell someone you're thinking of them ...hug a loved one, don't hold a grudge.
Look a child in the eye and tell them how great they are.
Don't kill that spider in your house, he's just lost, so show him the way out.
Look beyond the face of a person into their heart, make a promise, and keep it
Call someone, for no other reason than to just say "hi" kindness to an animal, stand up for what you believe in, smell the rain, feel the breeze, listen to the wind, use all your senses to their fullest, cherish all your TODAYS.

We are well aware of the expression ‘to move mountains’ when describing exceptional effort. While Sliabh na mBan remains unmoved, she was conquered in grand style on December 26 last by many wonderful supporters of Waterford Hospice. €10,000 was raised in doing so. I would like to congratulate all concerned for their generosity of spirit. The building of a dedicated Hospice Unit remains our top priority and your donation will go towards our building fund. Best wishes and a special thanks to everyone involved.

Carrigeen School Club coaching has commenced and will continue every Monday for 4, 5 & 6th class boys and girls, with an excellent turnout to day. The Primary school hurling panel are training Sun. Mon. and Tues. for the championship and country cup, with games away v Graig next week and away v Piltown on March 25.
Minor training Monday & Thursday at 7.30pm in the GAA complex. RESULTS: Minor Hurling Challenge, Mooncoin 3-6 : Barrow Rangers 0-8. U14 Football Championship, Mooncoin 2-6 : Ogra/Graig/Blacks & Whites 2-1.
Please visit and follow the link for the Juvenile section. The website is continuously updated with known fixtures, results and any match detail changes.

€200 - Nellie Phelan, Balltarsney. €100 - Stasia Walsh, Aglish. €50 - Paddy Fripps, Aglish. €20 - David Rowe, Ballygorey; Seamus Dobbyn, Comeragh View; John Grant (Snr), Portnascully; Ian Corcoran, Clogga; Rosie Ryan, Suir Crescent; Eoghan Dermody, Ballincur; Dick Delahunty, Grange Road; Josie Dolan, Polerone; Laura Dillon Dunphy, Tubrid; Philip Rowe, Kilcraggin; Cissie Jones, Cloncunny; Ena Laffan, St Anne’s Terrace; Mary B Delahunty, Luffany; Sonny Murphy, Polerone; Breda Daniels, Aglish; Paddy Delahunty, Luffany; Jacqui Ryan, Ballygorey; Tommy Power, Old Luffany; Seamus Delahunty, Portnahully; Jacinta Foley, c/o AIPB.

We welcome to our faith community, Ella Casey, Ashgrove, who was baptised recently.

From Thursday March 12, Mother & Toddler Group will be moving from the Complex to the Supper Room. New extended time, Tuesday & Thursday 10.30am - 12.30pm. All are welcome.

CLEANERS: Mar 21/28—Bridget Holden, Margaret Delahunty, Mabel Hassey.

MINISTERS: Mar 21 (8pm) Suzanne Halley, Dick Madden. Mar 22 (10am) Margaret Brennan, Yvonne Pheasey.
ALTAR SOCIETY: Mar 21 Margaret Phelan (L), Margaret Dunphy.

MINISTER: March 22 - Jason Dunphy.
READER: March 22 - Mary Frisby.
CLEANERS: March 21/28 - M. Fahy, A. Walsh.

William Mackey, Polerone. Mahon Family, Cellbridge, Co Kildare & London. Johnny Drohan, Clonmore. Niall Fox, Aglish. Margaret Power, Comeragh Close. Johnny, Mary & Martin O’Brien, Dournane Road. Brigid Grant, Dournane Road. John Cody, Kilnaspic. Walter Crowley Polerone.