FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT, November 27, 2011

A Word in your Ear: First Sunday of Advent 2011
John Shea, the great Christian storyteller relates the following Advent reflection. When God was making the trees, he gave a gift to each species. But first he set up a contest to determine which gift would be most useful to whom. He told them, “I want you to stay awake and keep watch over the earth for seven nights”. The young trees were so excited to be trusted with such an important task that the first night they would have found it difficult not to stay awake. However the second night was not so easy, and just before dawn a few fell asleep. On the third night the trees whispered among themselves in an effort to keep from dropping off. Even so it proved too much for some of them. Still more fell asleep on the fourth night. By the time the seventh night came the only trees still awake were the cedar, the pine, the spruce, the fir, the holly and the laurel. “What wonderful endurance you have!” God exclaimed. “You shall be given the gift of remaining green forever. You will be the guardians of the forest. Even in the seeming dead of winter, your brother and sister trees will find life protected in your branches.” Ever since then all the trees and plants lose their leaves and sleep all winter, while the evergreens stay awake.
This story illustrates the two great themes of Advent: wakefulness in the midst of sleepiness and greenness in the midst of barrenness. In the evergreen trees we find a note of gentle but resolute defiance. The surrounding world may be asleep and barren, but these continue to bear witness. They are sustained not so much by their own determination but by the power of God. They show us what our role as Christians is. It is to be awake among the sleeping, to be green in the midst the barren. To bear witness to love in the midst of hate, to peace in the midst of conflict, and to light in the midst of darkness.
Fr. Martin

Mass usually begins with a song or hymn and if we know the song we should join in the singing. The words of the song might be on a hymn sheet or book on your seat. When this song begins we know that it is time to stand up. We stand to greet the priest who will lead us in prayer; in this way we are also greeting Jesus who is present among us.
The Opening Procession
Mass always begins with a procession. There are different kinds of processions. Sometimes there are lots of people; sometimes it is the priest on his own. The procession might come from the front door or from the sacristy. Usually the procession includes the priest and the servers. In some places the people who are going to read and help to give out communion will also be in the procession. You might see one of the readers carry the book from which the Gospel will be read. This book is called the Book of the Gospels.

Christmas Fair
This is the final reminder that our Christmas Fair in aid of the Parish hall takes place on Sun, Dec 4, at 1.30pm. We are appealing for your support by donating, homemade cakes, buns, fruit & veg, shrubs, bottles & toys, new or unused gift items, bric-a-brac. Bring the children as Santa will arrive during the afternoon. Refreshments will be on offer in the Supper Room. Tickets are now on sale.


Mooncoin Senior & Juvenile GAA
club coaches, mentors, intending coaches & mentors are asked to attend an important presentation by Joe Carton, followed by an open forum on Wed, Nov 30, at 7.15pm in our club complex.

Hall Committee Meeting in the small room on Tues, Nov 29, at 7.30pm, in the Complex.

Bootcamp Fitness Classes
Commencing Fri, Dec 2, at 8pm in the Complex - €5 per class. Contact Peter for more info 086 2470429. Zumbatomic Dance Class for kids every Mon in the Complex 4pm (4 to 7yrs) 4.45pm (8 to 12yrs). Contact Rachel for more information on 083 1199020.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The monthly mass of St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society will take place on Thurs, Dec 1, at 9.30am. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for intercession for vocations will follow immediately afterwards in the Nagle Chapel and will conclude at 11am. All are welcome.

Mooncoin Juvenile Badminton Club would like to thank Michael & Alice Blanchfield (Centra) for allowing us to have a very successful bag pack recently. Thanks to all who contributed generously.

Table Quiz on Tues, Nov 29 at 9.15pm at The Showboat, Waterford. €20 for team of four. Enquiries to Geraldine at 087 7747710.

Sponsored Hill Climb
South Eastern Region Hospice Annual Sponsored Hill Climb up Slievenamon on St. Stephen’s Day 2011. Time 12pm. Money raised to date €67,100. Sponsor Cards from:
Kathleen Tobin 086 8493598;
Kevin Dunphy 087 7406354;
Alan Hearne 086 3671592;
Johnny Howley 087 3122410.

Thank You
Peggy Healy would like to thank all the people who sent Mass cards and good wishes to me for my operation during my stay in hospital. The holy sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions.

Masses during the week
Each day Tues to Fri: 9.30am.
First Friday: The sick and house bound will be visited.
Mass: Kilnaspic, Thurs at 7.30pm
Mooncoin, Friday at 9.30am.
Carrigeen, Friday at 7.30pm.

I was overwhelmed by the generous response to my request for sponsorship of the three new Altar missals. I accepted the first three offers of support but to all the others who contacted me during the week I am also deeply grateful for your consideration. Fr. Martin.

MINISTERS: Dec 4 (10am) Teresa O’Neill, Margaret Brennan.
READERS: Dec 4 (10am) Breda Walsh, Suzanne Halley.
ALTAR SOCIETY: Dec 3 - Margaret Kenny, Margaret Phelan (B).
Our annual collection for
flowers will be held on Sunday, Dec 4, at 10.00am Mass.
All donations appreciated.

MINISTER: Dec 3 - Helen Brennan.
READER: Dec 3 - Clare Walsh.
ALTAR SERVERS: Dec 3 - Ciaran & Eimear Quilty.

Edward (Buddy) Dunne, Ballygriffin.

Peter & Margaret Walsh, Luffany.;
Tom Foskin, Riverquarter; Michael O’Brien, Polerone;
Matthew & Catherine Byrne, St. Anne’s Terrace;
Robert & Hannah Dunne. Thomas & Phyllis Dunne.
Vincent Moloney; James Quilty, Nicholastown;
Bridget (Biddy) Stephens, Chapel St;
Johanna Carroll, Ballybrazil;
Eily Allen, Carrick Road; Kathleen Quirke, Suir Crescent.;
Peter & Margaret Walsh, Luffany;
Michael Asper & Family, Ashgrove;
Statia Robinson, Lower Corluddy, & Maidstone.
May they Rest in Peace.